Familie: Pachychilidae
Subspecii: Tylomelania sp. (Sulawesi Elephant), Tylomelania sp. orange (Sulawesi Orange Elephant), Tylomelania patriarchalis (Sulawesi Patriarch), Tylomelania towutensis (Sulawesi Towutensis), Tylomelania zeamais
Origine : Indonezia, insula Sulawesi – Lacul Poso, Lacurile Malili (Matano si Towuti)
Dificultate de crestere : Medie
Dimensiuni: 1 – 12 cm
Ph: 7 – 8.6
Temperatura: 27-29 °C
Lungime minima a bazinului : 80cm

Tylomelania sarasin – Sulawesi Elephant snail (melcul elefant):
Tylomelania sarasin – Sulawesi Elephant snail (melcul elefant)

Tylomelania sp. orange (Sulawesi Orange Elephant):
Tylomelania sp. orange (Sulawesi Orange Elephant)

 Tylomelania patriarchalis (Sulawesi Patriarch):

Tylomelania patriarchalis (Sulawesi Patriarch)

Tylomelania towutensis (Sulawesi Towutensis):

Tylomelania towutensis (Sulawesi Towutensis)

Tylomelania zeamais:

Tylomelania zeamais

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